Apr 11

Anza-Borrego star trails

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Aug 23

Revisiting Project September

Three years ago, I started something I called Project September. Not longer after starting, I got distracted by family issues and my motivation/interest in taking photos dropped. I’d like to get back into it, so I’m reviving this.

My goal for this September is to take as many photos as possible and blog at least one per day. Can I follow through, or will it end like last time? Stay tuned to find out.

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Jun 24

Happy Couple

I took this shot on Father’s Day on the San Clemente Pier. I don’t know this people or why they were so happy. It could have just been they’re in love, or did he get a special gift? Maybe he found out that he was going to be a dad? Whatever it was, I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

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May 30

Elements of Design – Failure

Once again I failed in sticking with a challenge for more than a couple days.

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May 24

Elements of Design – Day 2/30

Day 2, May 24 – Texture

“Texture refers to the surface quality or “feel” of an object – smooth, rough, soft, etc. Textures may be actual … or implied …” (COMPOSITION & the ELEMENTS of VISUAL DESIGN)

This was quite a bit easier than day 1. To show texture you can get up close an personal with your subject. When I went out, I didn’t know what I was going to shoot. But I happened across this rock that has a variety of different textures with the moss (?) growing on it.

2/30 - Texture

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May 23

DSL Reports 30 Day Project – Elements of Design – Day 1

Over at the DSL Reports (DSLR) Digital Imaging forum we started a 30 day group project this week on the Elements of Design. I decided I wanted to also blog about my experiences taking the photos so I’ll do that here.

Day 1, May 23 – Line

“A line represents a “path” between two points. A line can be straight, curved, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or zigzag. Lines imply motion and suggest direction or orientation.” (COMPOSITION & the ELEMENTS of VISUAL DESIGN)

This was harder than it sounds. Working on a university campus, there are lines all over the place – buildings, trees, parking lot markers, etc. – but I wanted to have something more than a photo of a couple lines. I needed more of a subject than that. It was also midday (lunch time) when I went out, so there were people everywhere.

1/30 - Line

I ended up settling (I know I shouldn’t do that) for the photo above because I found a spot that was strangely completely devoid of humans. Although in retrospect, It may have been better to have had someone in the foreground or at the top of the trail. As it is, there’s still not much of a subject in this photo. The path way nicely leads the eye through the scene, but to what? The trees are all pointing to the sky, that you can’t really see.

A different perspective on this same scene may have come out better. If I had been at the top of the path shooting down, then end of the path (where I’m standing) opens up into the park. I might need to reshoot this one.

(FYI: I actually took this photo on Tuesday because I wasn’t able to get out on Monday.)


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Dec 14

Cupcake Face

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Dec 12

Good Second Birthday

You know it’s a good one when you have frosting all over your face.

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Sep 07

Project September Days 3 through 7

Alright… I didn’t get a chance to make a post yesterday like I promised. However, I did take photos over the weekend (days 3-5). I’m not sure about yesterday (6), though.  Today(7) was a busy day and although I managed to get out off the office at lunch, I didn’t take any photos.  I haven’t downloaded anything from the weekend yet, but I have some good shots from 30,000 feet to share.  I’ll try to do a big post tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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Sep 02

Project September Day 2

I’ve managed to stick with the project for more than one day!  I spent a bit less time out there today and shot less, but I uploaded more to flickr.  I think that’s good. :)  Although overall, I’m not as excited about what I shot today vs yesterday.  I felt rushed.

I did run into a couple other guys out taking photos in the park, both of whom I know.  However, I did not know that either were into photography! Like me, they’re using photography as an excuse to get away from the desk at lunch.  We talked for a bit, but since I was on my way back in, we didn’t shoot together.  Maybe next time.

Ok, so this is a photo blog,  (or phlog, but I’ve had a couple people say that phlog sounds funny)  so where are the photos? Here’s what I think my favorite of the day is.

Winged Skylight

I believe the structure in the middle is some sort of skylight for the restaurant/food court below. In Bio Sci area of UCI, close to Aldrich Park.

This was horribly underexposed.  I’m not sure what happened.  I had been chimping most of the shots before, and they were ok. Oh well, PS was able to fix it.

There might not be a new post or uploads tomorrow (or through the weekend) since I’ll be travelling.  I will be shooting still and have a post on Monday for sure.

See the rest of today’s photos.

See all of the Project September photos.

Thanks for reading!

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